Oil Burners

Heavy Oil Burners

DMAÜ and TM type burners are designed to burn heavy oil ( fuel oil). Heavy oil burners are equipped with an electrical pre-heater to reduce the viscosity of fuel by heating. In the pre-heater equipped with electrical heating systems, the oil temperature is controlled by a special thermostat containing upper and lower limits and working circuit. Also, the burner is equipped with a nozzle ring mechanism for full combustion of heavy oil, and ring system ensures that heavy oil is sprayed from the nozzle in a homogeneous temperature, cleanliness and fluidity.

Burners have one or two fuel nozzles according to their types (one or two stage) and all burners are equipped with a special high-pressure oil pump. Modulating type burners have proportional type nozzles. Pressurized fuel is ignited with passageway opened by valves and combustion occurs. Burner responds the need of heat by being activated-deactivated by thermostat control. 

Burner TypeFuel TypeWorking PrincipleMin kWMax kWCatalog
DMÜ 5 One-Stage515 File
DMÜ 25 One-Stage1230 File
TM 45 Two-Stage1550 File
TM 80 Two-Stage3080 File
TM 135 Two-Stage50130 File
TM 200 Two-Stage60200 File
DMÜZ 200 Two-Stage125250 File
TMO 400 Modulating150380 File
TMO 500 Modulating180460 File
TMO 803 a Modulating240700 File
TMO 803 b Modulating290820 File
TMO 803 Modulating4001000 File