Oil Burners

Duo Block Modulating Burners

Gökçe duo block modulating oil burners are special type burners being used in large industrial plants. There is no air fan on the burner body. Extrernal ventilator is determined and provided according to the boiler capacity and properties, and connected to the burner through an air channel. Burner keeps the steam pressure or oil / water temperature in the system constant in proportion to the adjusted values. Thanks to precise fuel and air adjustment possibilities, the fuel/air ratio can be kept at ideal values at all capacities. This is a very superior feature that provides high efficiency combustion.

Burner TypeFuel TypeWorking PrincipleMin kWMax kWCatalog
CC (L) 500MotorinModulating20006000 File
CC (M) 500Fuel oilModulating20006000 File
CC (L) 801MotorinModulating22007000 File
CC (M) 801Fuel oilModulating22007000 File
CC (L) 802MotorinModulating300010000 File
CC (M) 802Fuel oilModulating300010000 File
CC (L) 803MotorinModulating370012500 File
CC (M) 803Fuel oilModulating370012500 File